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Understanding Empowerment


"The Posse students who are marginalized have already had to endure the social stratification of getting to college; and once they enter an institution that is still learning to serve a marginalized student, it is essential for that Posse student to find a network that will uplift them."

 -Kathryn Gonzales

We invite you to reflect on the following questions and ideas that underlie this section: 

What does institutional support mean to you? For you?

Some people in power recognize that students enter classrooms with differing degrees of institutional knowledge and social capital. Others don’t see this, but instead understand students’ struggles as reflective of individual deficits. 


Where do you locate yourself along this continuum?


There are many roles mentors can play in seeking to foster student empowerment.  Some include:






Coalition Builder

How do you see these roles in your work? Which do you identify with most strongly?

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